Purchase GIGABYTE/AORUS laptops during the holiday promotion (15 December 2017 – 31 December 2018)
and get a World of Warships bonus code with exclusive in-game camouflage!
Bonus code contains (for existing or new player) :
GIGABYTE in-game camouflage
  • +3 % to detectability range.
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship.
  • +100 % Experience.
  • +100 % Commander experience.

Invite code contains (for new player) :
  • The German Tier III battleship: König Albert and port slot.


You may find a printed leaflet which contains a bonus code and an invite code in the box of GIGABYTE / AORUS Laptops.


Please send a copy of your invoice and product serial number to:
West Europe: gswe@gigabytenb.com / East Europe: gsse@gigabytenb.com
(The product serial number is located at the bottom of your laptop.)

  • Each code can only be acquired by purchasing GIGABYTE/AORUS laptops during the holiday period ( 15 December 2017 – 31 December 2018 ). Offer is subject to availability.
  • Please note that each type of code can be used once on a World of Warships account, and they are only valid for the European game server.
  • Expires 31 December 2018. Not for resale.

The entire materials provided herein are for reference only. GIGABYTE reserves the right to modify or revise the content at anytime without prior notice.