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AORUS Ultra Gaming Weeks

Every other day until the end of March, we will present content, infos, technical details and giveaways around our Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0/WiFi motherboards.

We'll update this note here with a list of all the related posts so you can find additional infos about the AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming boards.

Post from the 11th March - RGB Yea or Nay poll

The Z370 AORUS ULTRA GAMING motherboards are optimized for gamers. Switching to an AORUS Z370 Mainboard will create a whole new gaming experience and change the way you play...forever.

• Performance • Gaming • Lifestyle • Maximum reliability • Maximum stability

Your glorious gamer journey starts NOW!

The newest AORUS by GIGABYTE gaming motherboards are the perfect base for you as a gamer!

AORUS motherboards have the power of gaming embedded into their core, the AORUS brand stands for highest hardware quality. We develop innovative gaming technologies for ultimate performance to ensure, that your PC is always delivering the best it can. We're not with the community, we're a part of it, turning your needs and wishes into fantastic products. We're looking for gamers that together with us, want to explore new planets, games, adventures and infinite possibilities!