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AORUS and the agriculture

AORUS and the agriculture

For along time AORUS has been invested in the gaming community. Sometimes it's smaller stuff like helping the community and interacting with it, sometimes it's eSport. And other times it might be streamer or YouTube content creators. 
And well, from time to time we also cooperatere with game developers and support them with our hardware. 

Behind the successful Farming Simulator Franchise stands the GIANTS Software GmbH from Austria. Year after year the franchise excites fans of the farming world. Who didn't want to drive a tractor or other farming machinery when they were a young boy? 

In the past year we did a lot for the community in cooperation with GIANTS, and that's what we're talking about today. 


In June 2017 AORUS supported the FarmCon as a hardware partner and besides that, we also sponsored a lot of prizes for the event itself. 
And when the streamers B3nny and Oisterproper reported live from the event, the sponsored prizes were the icing on top of the cake. 


We continued that in Fall 2017 when the Farming Simulator Championship took place at Agritechnica, the biggest agriculture technical exhibition in the world. 

Again we worked with our partners NVIDIA and ViewSonic to support the event with our hardware. 

And of course, we sponsored the prizes for the successful teams. The highlight here: some of the graphics cards given away were the - at that time - brand new GTX 1070Ti AORUS GPUs. 

After a successful year 2017, we're very happy to announce that we'll - again - be supporting the Farming Simulator community in this year. To the tractor!