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The X9 DT is an excellent laptop.

Kit Guru


Back in October KitGuru got a preview of the Aorus X9, but sadly we were never able to bring our readers a full review of the laptop. Today, however, we are looking at the new Aorus X9 DT, complete with an overclockable, six-core i9-8950HK processor, GTX 1080 graphics and 144Hz IPS display. The specs are delicious.

Priced at £3799 on Overclockers UK it’s safe to say the Aorus X9 DT isn’t cheap. Gaming laptops – particularly high-end ones – have always come with hefty premiums over similarly specced desktops, though, and the Aorus X9 DT is one of the most powerful laptops we have ever seen. If you want to drop some serious cash on a top of the line gaming machine, is the X9 DT the way to go?